If you are getting this message “SIM Not SupportedPlease do the following steps,

IMPORTANT Note:  Update your Iphone iOS to 12.3.1 (otherwise it will not work)

1. Insert your sim card with sim adapter

2. You will get a Pop-up window to enter ICCID number







3.Enter 20 digit NEW ICCID from above listed 

Please check the site below

CHECK NEW ICCID ****************

4. Send




5. “Restart” your phone and activate your phone with “WiFi”

7. It will work 100%

Note: Once your phone is unlocked, chip should remain in the phone all the time. Do not reset the phone or Factory reset your phone will also remove all saved chip settings. Do not upgrade IOS without confirming with us or do not change the sim. As long as Chip remains in the phone it will remain unlocked and your phone just functions like unlocked.