latest iCCID code:check

if apple block the code,please wait for few weeks to make new iccid code

you can check new code here


How to use auto iccide mode setting

1,( phone sim card + GPPLTE VASE ) into the iphone(Waiting no Service), call the number  *5005*7672*01# enter NEW ICCID NUMBER:’8901~‘ ,click send.



2, shut down reboot iphone or directly pull follow the steps to unlock again



3,jump activation and then press the system to activate it to be perfect and stable 4G/LTE!


How to use manual mode setting mode

1. Look at the manual for SIM you purchased and install appropriate APN.

2. Avoid activation.

When you set this product together with SIM card and insert into mobile phone, the screen signs “You need to activate. “

Though you select “I understood.” and it signs “Updates have completed. “, but then if you push the Home once, it signs “emergency call” command on the bottom of the screen. After tapping it, it transfers to the screen to dial the numbers, and tap “Call” button after dialing “*5005*7672*00#” or “*5005*7672*0#”.

After finishing it, the black screen for the manual setups appears, according to your kind of mobile phone, tap the part as below.


•iPhone 6 or newer  Tap “5. 6S/6SP mode”

•iPhone 5,5s,5c.    Tap “6. AUTO 4G mode” or “7. TMSI unlocks mode”

•If unsuccessful.    Tap “2~4 mode”.


Next it transfers to the black screen to select your mobile carrier, and select “★The mobile carrier of your phone★.”

*Be careful. It is NOT the mobile carrier of SIM card!

In the next screen if you tap “I understood.”, it transfers to the screen of “Emergency call”, then tap “Cancel” there. After finishing as this order if you inject SIM the “Home” screen appears with the letter of “Welcome” and you have succeeded in unlocking SIM. Try all of 1-5 if you fail to unlock. According to type of your mobile phone, maybe you could succeed in unlocking.

*Be careful of injection and ejection of SIM card. If you feel unsuitable on injection, confirm whether your board is set correctly and adjust the angle to inject suitably. To add strength too much causes to be broken. After a few minutes it is able to catch radio waves.

If it still out of service and not able to catch radio waves, proceed as below.


  1. In the case of Out of service

The wrong setups cause SIM not to catch radio waves and to make error.

Eject SIM, then inject it to the suitable mobile phone (if SIM is for T-Mobile, it is needed to be injected into the mobile for T-Mobile.) ,and confirm whether it is able to catch radio waves.

If it is not able to catch radio waves, it is able to catch again after this order: “Setting” → “Network” → Cancel “Automatic Mode” and set the network suits for SIM. The still unavailable SIM is already out of order. Use another SIM. After checking that SIM is able to catch, if SIM set together with SIM board and inject into your mobile phone, it is able to catch radio waves. If radio waves are unstable or sometimes out of service, they become stable with turning off 4G and limit to 3G.

When the Apple’s program to prohibit SIM board from unlocking has been installed, you could not change your mobile carrier, and could use only 3G data communication networks virtually. So you could not use the mobile carrier system.